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Are You Or Is Your Spouse Entitled To Spousal Maintenance?

Clients often ask if spousal maintenance will be awarded in divorce. Sometimes known as alimony, spousal maintenance is typically awarded by the court based on two things:

  1. Does one spouse have a financial need for spousal maintenance?
  2. Can the other spouse pay for it?

At Medina Family Law Associates, we can advocate for a fair award in court. Our highly skilled family law attorneys have experience representing both sides for spousal maintenance claims. With more than thirty years of legal experience in Arizona, we have a deep understanding of the law and outstanding confidence in the courtroom. We apply our legal knowledge in an organized and thorough argument in court.

However, we encourage sitting down at the bargaining table to reach an agreement over divorce matters whenever possible. Using methods of alternative dispute resolution can help you and your spouse decide on an award that fits both of your needs without wasting your time and money.

Versatile And Personal Representation Based On Your Needs

  • Attorneys with experience bringing claims to court: Our lawyers have the courtroom experience to strongly advocate for your best interests. If you are a parent facing divorce, then you will benefit from our deep knowledge related to laws concerning families and children.
  • Highly organized representation for defending against claims: The attorneys and paraprofessionals at our firm offer detailed and organized service. We will uncover any important details to defend against claims. We will determine if you have included all necessary deductions and help you achieve a fair order.

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We are ready to help you confront your challenges head-on. We pride ourselves on responsive service. We promptly return emails and calls because we know our clients are facing urgent legal matters. Contact our office in Maricopa County to schedule a 30 minute initial consultation with a lawyer. Reach us by calling 480-535-9818, or fill out a convenient online contact form.

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Honors & Memberships

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