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A Guide And Advocate For Parenting Time And Legal Decision-Making

During a divorce, issues affecting your children are likely the most important matters to you. You want to ensure that the best interests of your children are met and that your parental rights are protected. Whether you are a parent seeking primary custody or a parent who wants the right to fair visitation, it’s important to seek qualified legal help.

Finding Fair And Practical Child Custody Solutions

When you work with Medina Family Law Associates, you will realize that we care about the success of your case as much as you do. We know that the welfare of your kids is at the heart of everything that you do and every decision that you make. We provide honest communication about what parents can reasonably expect in child custody disputes, but our attorneys will always take the appropriate steps to ensure the likelihood of a positive outcome for each client.

Our team has an in-depth understanding of child custody laws and can help you understand how you may be affected.

Issues In Child Custody

Today the courts prefer that both parents continue to have meaningful contact with children post-divorce and tend to favor joint custody when appropriate. This cooperative approach also extends to legal decision-making ability. Above all, the court will always rule according to what it considers to be best for the children.

Contact our Arizona law firm to learn more about the various issues in child custody that we can help you address, including the following:

  • Parenting plans (physical custody)
  • Legal decision-making (legal custody)
  • Child relocation
  • Child custody modifications

Advocating For Peaceful Resolution But Always Ready For Trial

Parenting time is one of the most emotional issues in family law cases, but it is important not to put your children in the middle of your divorce or paternity dispute. By trying to work collaboratively with your co-parent, you can build a positive foundation that will best serve your children for years to come. However, in the event that amicable solutions cannot be met through peaceful negotiation, our law firm is fully prepared to argue your case before a judge. Our family law attorneys have a wealth of trial experience and a track record of obtaining results.

Contact A Maricopa County Child Custody Lawyer

When you face a difficult family law matter, our lawyers at Medina Family Law Associates will provide strong legal advocacy and compassionate representation. Contact our Maricopa County parenting time lawyer by email or by phone at 480-535-9818 to discuss your rights and options. We are ready to help.


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Honors & Memberships

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